TRAVELLERS set up camp in a layby in Basingstoke late on Thursday night.

A number of cars and caravans have parked up close to the Sainsbury's supermarket in Hatch Warren.

Cllr Rebecca Bean said she was aware of the incident and described the encampment as 'illegal'.

They were moved on by the council by Friday afternoon. 

Speaking on Friday morning, Cllr Bean said: "Last night a number of Caravans parked up between Beggarwood Park and Sainsbury’s, blocking the footpath. This is a breach of the injunction secured by the council which prevents illegal traveller encampments in the town.

"This morning I have spoken to the Leader and chief executive of the council to make them aware. They have advised me that the police and borough commander are aware and will shortly serve notice on the encampment and it will be moved on the next couple of days.

"If you have any questions please email me at"