A MOTHER says that her daughter’s school urgently needs a lollipop person, after she and her daughter were almost hit by a car.

Louise Niven’s eight-year-old daughter attends Preston Candover CE Primary School, which is situated on “a very narrow bit of road”.

"At drop-off time in the morning, there is school traffic and traffic from the nearby shops, and it’s all coming together as one,” she told the Gazette.

This led to an incident where her and her Year 3 daughter were almost knocked over, after a reversing car failed to spot her amidst the standstill traffic.

"The woman was completely oblivious and would be horrified if she knew it had happened,” Louise continued.

"None of this is anyone’s fault, there is too much traffic, but there’s nothing you can do about it. This is a very common problem.”

Louise says that it is necessary that someone fills the role of lollipop person to keep the children that attend the school safe.

"The only interim solution for protecting the safety of our children is to push for a lollipop person.

"Our motivation is just to raise awareness, hopefully someone will read this and want to do the job. It is a very rewarding role and it would be terrific if someone could do that."

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council, who are responsible for employing school crossing patrol officers, said: "We are pleased to confirm that the County Council made provision for a School Crossing Patrol at Preston Candover school last autumn, but we have not been able to make an appointment.

"The post is being advertised on our website. We are also actively working with the school to promote the role in the local community."

Preston Candover CE Primary School have also been contacted for comment.