CANDIDATES for the Basingstoke constituency in next month's general election are preparing for a hustings event on Monday evening.

The event, run by the Gazette, will be attended by all five parliamentary candidates for Basingstoke, as well as 160 members of the public who have got their hands on free tickets to the event.

Being held at The Apollo Hotel at 7pm, the event will see the candidates make their case for your vote.

It will be live streamed on Facebook, as well as there being a live blog on the website.

Bill Browne, publisher of the Gazette, will be chairing the debate, where candidates will ask questions on a range of issues such as crime, climate change and the NHS before taking audience questions.

They will then all have a one minute closing statement.

Last week, all five candidates spoke to the Gazette, and you can see the interviews here:

Katie French, head of news, said: "We now have less than a month until this country goes to the polls for the third time in five years.

"In these unusual political times, it is important that our readers get the chance to get to know the people who want their votes.

"Nearly 28,000 people chose not to vote during the 2017 General Election here in Basingstoke. We are hoping this event will help involve people who aren't usually interested in politics which is why the event is free and also available to watch from home as well."