Name: Alan Stone 

Age: 55 

Education background: Sherborne st John primary school, Hilsea College (Oakley) and QMC

Profession: I have worked at and run Squirrels Antiques in Basingstoke since 1981

Family life: Married, 4 children, 3 grandchildren

What car do you drive? I can but choose not to drive, I use public transport and walk. One less car on the roads can only be a good thing.

Where did you last go on holiday? My last non working holiday was a coach trip to Scotland. This country has so much to offer

What was the last thing you ate? M&S veggie lasagne

Have you ever taken illegal drugs?  Yes, but not recently

When was the last time you cried? Watching England loose to South Africa in the Rugby world cup finals. 

What is your favourite book of all time? Im not a great book reader

What are you ties to the area you hope to represent? Spent 53 of my 55 years based in Basingstoke. My home is here, my business is here, my life is here.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Basingstoke? My favourite restaurant is "Lime leaf" at the top of town. The new owners are delightful. The Chennai express comes a really close second

Where do you do your food shopping? In Basingstoke town centre shops

Describe your perfect Friday night: My perfect Friday night is somewhat limited, i am a retailer and have to work on Saturdays. Cooking at home i suppose, really relaxing.

What’s your favourite drink? A good strong mug of builders tea.

Best place in Hampshire in your opinion? Basingstoke is amazing, the countryside around it is wonderful

Do you think MPs should be allowed to hire their family members? MP's should not be able to hire family

In a sentence, why do you deserve the gig? I am the only true pro-Brexit candidate, fighting for the referendum and for leave. 

What do you think the biggest issue facing residents of Basingstoke is? Overdevelopment without the infrastructure and social care that should go with the population increase.

In a sentence, what do you want to change if you are elected? I would make election manifesto promises a legal contract between MP's and the people.