Unlike your commentators from the nether regions of Coates Close and Belmont Height, I have no political axe to grind.

What amazes me about this election is that all of our political masters seem to be promising to splash out money right left and centre.

Precisely where is it all this money.coming from?

We have had years of austerity and goodness knows what. Yet here we are going to fritter it all away in what will inevitably be empty promises.

Meanwhile they are ignoring the facts of chronic amount of homelessness and necessity of Food banks, let alone the dreadful state of the NHS.

I do not need Messrs White and Simmonds pontificating on who to vote for..

Why should I vote for any one who going to break-up the United Kingdom and make this country insignificant in the modern world, go forward not go backwards.

Chris Harris, Sheppard Road, Basingstoke.