Corbyn and the EU

THE Labour Party has an amazing idea about how to deal with Brexit.

They think Boris Johnson's deal isn't good enough, so if they win the election they will go to Europe and negotiate a new, better deal. Then they would have a referendum with two choices; one their new, better deal, and two, remain in the EU. And they would campaign in the run-up to the referendum to remain in the EU. Fantastic!

Let's be fair, this is one idea that isn't going to fly. In fact, it's the sort of thing that if you heard it anywhere else you wouldn't believe a word of it. But they are serious!

Just think about it for a minute. Jeremy nips over to Europe to negotiate a new, better deal on leaving the EU, with everybody knowing that when he goes back home he is going to rubbish it in a campaign running up to a referendum. If the EU had any sense, they'd put him straight into a straitjacket, there and then. No, they wouldn't, but what would they do? “Oh yes Jeremy we'll give you a fantastic deal. What would you like, you name it we'll give it.” Or would they say, "We thought Boris was half mad, but you are taking the mickey sonny, shove off!”

You couldn't make it up, could you? I have never heard such outright rubbish. Barmy ideas always emerge at the time of an election, but this one deserves a special award.

Winner of the Nuttiest Election Pledge Ever, Jeremy Corbyn. Applause, cheering, handshakes, whistling.

Brian Simmonds, Belmont Heights, Hatch Warren.