BREXIT Party candidate Caroline Gladwin is pulling out of the General Election race in Basingstoke.

Ms Gladwin had been set to stand against Labour's Kerena Marchant, the Lib Dems' Sashi Mylvaganam and the Conservatives' Maria Miller for the constituency's seat in December's election.

But today (Monday) Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, revealed that the party would not be fielding candidates in any of the seats won by Conservatives at the 2017 election.

Basingstoke is widely seen as a Conservative safe seat, with constituents having voted for the party in every election since 1923.

Farage's announcement means that Brexit Party candidates will also be withdrawn in neighbouring constituencies of North West Hampshire and North East Hampshire, previously held by Conservatives Kit Malthouse and Ranil Jayawardena respectively.

Alan Stone, campaign co-ordinator for the Brexit Party in Hampshire, has since confirmed the news.

He said: "I am glad The Brexit Party has taken the tactical decision to stand down candidates in most Conservative held constituencies.

“I believe in a clean break Brexit, this will never be an option under a Labour government despite their previous election commitment to honour the result of the referendum.

“The Brexit Party will continue to put pressure on Remain committed MP’s and those of the Liberal Democrats and Labour party, both parties have conspired to deny the British people their democratic right to leave the EU, its institutions and it’s control.”