With many supermarkets making a more conscious to cater to people with vegan and plant-based diets, one store has gone supersized.

Less than a year after Greggs launched its first Vegan sausage roll, Morrisons last week unveiled its giant version.

The store is now offering customer a foot-long vegan treat for just £1.

As such the Gazette wanted to see what this supersized pastry was like and what people in the town’s Worting Road store.

A member of staff who was working on the stores quick over section said: “They have been selling really well, I think it is part excitement they are here and part curiosity.”

The Morrisons snack is twice the length of a standard sausage roll and weighs almost four times at much and contains soya mince, wrapped in a golden dairy-free pastry casing.

The Gazette asked shoppers what their opinion on the monster sized snack.

Mark Haulage, from Brookvale, said: “I know that a lot of people are going vegan now, but I’m not sure I could stomach a whole foot-long sausage roll, even one that had meat in it.

“But I’m sure there has already been plenty of people who have got one just for the novelty.”

Another shopper added: “It is great that there are now so many vegan alternatives for people, but I have to be honest looking at it on the shelf it doesn’t look the most appetising thing to eat.”

To put the taste of the new plant-based snack to the test, the Gazette team blind taste tested the vegan sausage roll up against a traditional meat one.

With most of the staff being able to taste the difference, they still really enjoyed the taste of the vegan alternative.

Head of News at the Gazette, Katie French said: "I could tell immediately which was which. The cylinder sausage running through the middle was a bit of a giveaway.

"While I'm not a vegan, I actually preferred it to the meaty one! The pastry was lighter, and the filling had a nice herby taste."

Multimedia account manager, at the Gazette, Vikki Hallewell, added: “The vegan one tasted like Paxo stuffing.

“It was nice, but just had a more herby taste than the meat one.”