Ambulance service blues

THERE is something wrong in the Ambulance Service.

I feel compelled to write to you to inform your readers of something that deserves to be in the public domain.

I have worked as a Paramedic at Basingstoke for a number of years and have witnessed a steady decline in our ability to serve the local community.

Managers are obsessed with targets to the detriment of patient care. Day shifts are swamped with vehicles and nights left bereft.


Team Leaders on £50k+ dress like we do but will never attend calls. Paramedics are a post with nominal degrees and nil patient experience.

Emergency Medical Technicians are the worst paid in the country and Emergency Care Assistants have had their skills reduced and now only drive and carry bags.

A new rota has been introduced which reduces the recovery time between shifts.

Basingstoke is, I regret to say, a pretty miserable place to work in at the moment. I used to be so proud of my chosen career. This is no longer the case.

I sincerely believe it is time for some informed debate about this crisis before it is too late.

I urge the public to keep calling 999 when appropriate. My colleagues endeavour to do their best but, be very aware, the dedicated young people that will have to come in to your world are not happy in their own.

Full name and address supplied.

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