HE MAY not be able to drive a car yet, but that hasn’t stopped 16-year-old Michael Clark from taking to the skies to fly an aeroplane.

Just two days after his 16th birthday, Michael flew solo in a Cessna 152, taking off from Blackbushe airport on September 2.

The teenager is currently completing his private pilots license - the rigours of which he’s been balancing with studying his GCSEs, from which he came out with 10 grade 9s.

His mother, Kelsie Clark, said: “It is crazy to think he can’t drive a car yet but is a very competent trainee pilot.

“In fact the biggest challenge for his is not flying the plane it is trying to park it!”

Up until now, Michael has been self-funding his ambitions to become a fully-fledged pilot. He’s been reaching out to local aviation companies but the only thing holding him back thus far has been his age.

Kelsie added: “He has been reaching out to local aviation companies regarding grants, bursaries and scholarships, but keeps lucking out when it comes to the applications due to his age.

“Everyone tells him to come back when he is 17 or 18 years old which is very frustrating as it is holding him back from his dream.”

Michael is also a very passionate RAF Air Cadet and recently attended the National Aerospace Camp.

There, he was awarded his ‘gliding wings’ upon completion of his course.