FAMILIES and friends from across Overton have been getting crafty in the build-up to this weekend’s fireworks celebrations.

Residents of all ages have been getting involved with a series of lantern-making workshops at Bloom, in High Street, with the fruits of their labour to be put to use ahead of the Overton School Association Fireworks Extravaganza on Saturday.

A legion of lantern makers will gather at the Red Lion pub before walking to Overton Church of England Primary School for the fireworks show, with their lanterns lighting the way.

The plan is for people to keep their lanterns and re-use them at future events, such as the Christmas market at the end of the month.

Suzie Brown, who runs Bloom, said: “We were thinking, what would be good for us to be able to offer and that would also have a bit of a practical application?”

She says that as well having a use for the fireworks display and the Christmas market, the sessions have been a great way to get all the family together and to take part in creative activities.

“It’s a full-on craft experience,” she added. “They get to make the willow structures, they cover it, then they decorate it.

“It’s really nice, we’ve had mums and children, dads and children, grandparents coming in to help afterschool, so it’s been quite a nice thing for all generations.”

The lantern making sessions have been put on with the support of both the Red Lion pub and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

Suzie has thanked both for their contributions and says the sessions have enabled families to take part in activities that they might not have initially thought of trying.

She added: “I think it encourages people to find the time to do it, whereas it can be quite easy not to have time to do something new or different.

“And people have been able to meet together when they do come down to Bloom.

“There’s a bit of excitement there, especially for the children because they get to see their family getting involved as well.

“Everyone there is engaged in it and it’s very encouraging.”

The lantern makers will be gathering at the Red Lion at 4.45pm on Saturday before heading to the school for the fireworks display.

For more information search “BloomOverton” on Facebook.