A NUMBER of vehicles have been broken into with purses and wallets being stolen.

These incidents come after “multiple residential burglaries” during the weekend of October 26 and 27.

Officers received reports that overnight last night (November 4) thieves broken into a number of vehicles around the borough and are believed to have tired door handles of others.

A police spokesperson said: “Most offences of theft from vehicles are opportunist.

“If valuable possessions - e.g. handbags, laptops, sat navs, iPods, mobile phones, cameras, purses and wallets- are left on show inside a vehicle, it is much more likely to be targeted by thieves.

“Even items of little value, such as shopping bags, clothing and small change may tempt a potential thief to break into the vehicle to see whether they contain anything worth stealing.”

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Officers have offered the following advice to help deter thieves:

• When leaving your car, close all windows and lock your car.

• Upon locking your vehicle try your car door to ensure it is actually locked.

• When parking at home, use your garage if you have one.

• Don't leave anything on display in your vehicle.

• Take all your personal possessions with you not leaving purses, wallets or Sat Nav’s in glove boxes or in other compartments.

• Remove sat nav holders and wipe away visible sat nav ring marks from windscreen.

• Fit an alarm or immobiliser to your car.

• Do not store your car's documents in the car.

• Secure your wheels using locking wheel nuts.