PLANS to build 110 more homes on a greenfield site has been labelled by councillors as “unsustainable” and “cynical”.

The Gazette reported last week how developer Wates had submitted a request for screening approval for the 25.7-acre site near Park Farm in Oakley.

They, alongside Bewley Homes, are currently developing Canterbury Gardens on the adjacent land, meaning if the new plans are approved, the overall development could triple in size from initial proposals.

Reacting to the news, Cllr Diane Taylor, who represents the ward of Oakley and North Waltham, said: “This hasty proposal to build 110 homes on a field off Station Road in Oakley is a cynical attempt by developers to exploit a temporary shortfall in housing land supply.

“Since Basingstoke’s expansion Oakley has increased from a small village of 500 to a current population of over 5,500. That is an increase of over 1000% - unprecedented in the Borough.

“Despite this growth, Oakley has managed to maintain its character and ambience as an English village; however this will not be possible if it increases any further.

“I understand the need for more housing, but this has to be properly and fairly distributed by this planning authority, and not imposed by developers and land-owners whose only interest is in exploiting the situation for financial gain.”

Additionally, Cllr Hannah Golding, who also represents the ward, told the Gazette: “My opinion would be that Oakley has seen a lot of development over the last few years. Therefore we don’t need anymore.”

Commenting on how the proposals have escalated from “It is very quick and it is, in my opinion, unsustainable for the village to support.”

A statement that accompanied the request, filed by JLL on behalf of Wates, said: "Oakley is a sustainable location for additional development, and where at least 150 new homes have to be delivered.

"The principle of development on greenfield land has been accepted and therefore the loss of such land cannot be considered to have a significant effect."

The request outlines the proposals, which show that as well as the new homes, car parking with be provided as well as landscaping.

The road infrastructure built to access the original plans will be used to access the new homes, whilst private gardens and open space will also be included.

It says that land at the south west of the site, close to the existing Park Farm, will "remain undeveloped".

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council will now consider whether the application will need a environmental impact assessment.

However, the initial proposals for Canterbury Gardens proved unpopular at the time.

There were 17 public comments on the plans, with 15 objecting and just one supporting.