THE BREXIT Party has referred to parts of Basingstoke as "not exciting" and a "bit dull" - just days after the election was called.

The 'Our Prospective Candidate' section of Basingstoke's Brexit Party website, which was under construction at the time, shows the page with text giving instructions on what photos the developer should place there.

It says that a photo with their candidate for Basingstoke, Caroline Gladwin, should be used, with a "significant background".

Options to the developer include the Crabtree plantation with the AA building in the background, or Festival Place.

Basingstoke Gazette:

However, "the entrances are not exciting", whilst the train station is labelled as a "bit dull".

The message goes on to say that "something Thornycroft related" would work, calling it a "bit subtle", but that the "older generation will totally get it".

It then has Caroline's name in bold writing, with a "load of stuff" due to go below it.

Alan Stone, part of Basingstoke's Brexit Party, said: "The site is under construction. It was up online for easy sharing."