FOR the first time in nearly a century, we'll be heading to the polls for a December general election.

After four attempts to get an early election because of the Brexit deadlock, Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally got his way after Labour backed his proposals.

So that now puts polling day on December 12, with all 650 seats up for grabs again.

Basingstoke has been represented by the Conservatives since 1885, apart from two years in the 1920s.

The current MP is Maria Miller, who has held the seat since 2005 - and two years ago she won 52.7% of the vote.

Here are the candidates who have declared that they are standing for Basingstoke MP in the 2019 general election:

Caroline Gladwin - Brexit Party

Caroline Gladwin is confirmed to be the Brexit Party candidate for Basingstoke.

Kerena Marchant - Labour

Kerena Marchant was announced in February as Labour candidate for Basingstoke.

Basingstoke Gazette: Kerena MarchantKerena Marchant

Maria Miller - Conservatives

Maria Miller has been the Conservative MP for Basingstoke since 2005, and will be standing again in 2019.

Basingstoke Gazette: Maria MillerMaria Miller

Sashi Mylvaganam - Liberal Democrats

Sashi Mylvaganam will be the Liberal Democrat candidate in Basingstoke at the 2019 election.

Basingstoke Gazette: Sashi MylvaganamSashi Mylvaganam