A DOG owner who has been left broke after being “ripped off by a builder” is looking to raise funds for her “little partner” to undergo impawtant life altering surgery.

In 2017, German Sheppard Ted from Tadley, ruptured a disc his back when a bigger dog jump on him.

After undergoing surgery, all seemed well until later that year the disc ruptured again.

Now, Ted’s human companion Lesley Ann Pearce, is raising money to help Ted visit TV’s Supervet Dr Noel Fitzpatrick to undergo the experimental surgery.

“The vetenary practice where Dr Fitzpatrick works has this pioneering surgery where they take out the vertebrae where the disc is ruptured and replace it with what is essentially a rubber bung,” the 51-year-old human told the Gazette.

“This issue is all these things cost money, and I was recently left broke when a builder was meant to do work on my house and didn’t finish it.

“To top it off, I have to leave my job at the end of the year, so all my money has gone to helping Ted get better.”

When describing the pain that seven-year-old Ted is in, an emotional Lesley said there are times when he just “isn’t himself”.

She added: “I just become a bit of a wreck when I talk about it.

“It’s like having a child, just a big furry one, I cannot live without him in my life, he is my little partner, he comes with me everywhere I go.”

Lesley said that Ted is already on pain killers daily and goes through homeopathy treatments to keep him feeling as comfortable as possible as the ruptured disc is a degenerative issue, it will only get worse as he gets older.

The Tadley resident is currently raising money so Ted can have an MRI scan to see if he is eligible for the pioneering surgery.

Lesley looks to raise more than £7,500 for the whole procedure and so far has raised more than £1,500.

To donate to Ted’s campaign visit.