The Hurst Students visit The Cheltenham Literary Festival.

On the 8th October, 14 of The Hurst’s year 10 students had a day filled with an exciting mix of education and entertainment at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. The pupils spent the day exploring all the available activities at the festival, ranging from engaging talks on literature to even appearing on TV!

The students spent their first hour listening to a talk by the ex-director of GCHQ, the nation’s cyber security service. The talk focused on the practicalities and ethics of digital spying. Many intriguing topics were discussed, such as how to distinguish between what is ethical and unethical.

The day continued with a trip to the Waterstones tent, where students bought lots of books about many interesting and varied subjects. After a lunch stop, they went to the book stand. This was a pavilion where you could read, talk and look at old books.

The students then split into two groups; half went to the Sky Arts studio. They got to watch an interview of poet Pam Ayres being recorded. This was all about her new book. They then got to meet Andi Oliver, the interviewer, and took a picture with her on stage.

The other group listened to a talk called “A short introduction to reading.” Here they learned about the typical stereotypes surrounding readers and the political impact of books throughout history.

Lastly, before going home, all students watched a presentation on crime and mystery in books. The talk was given by two authors who spoke about how they presented these subjects in their books. They talked about how different their approach to writing a book was and how they tried to give hints to the answer without people being able to figure it out until the end.

This trip was truly inspirational for the budding authors and journalists amongst us.

By Hannah Davies and Claudia Jones Y10

Kind Regards