IN 1999, work began to transform the New Market Square and surrounding areas into the new Festival Place.

It’s hard to imagine popular eating and drinking places such as The Angel and Nandos weren’t around two decades ago.

The Bus Station chippy, Chelsea Coffee House and the original Mr Munch were three of many places popular with shoppers.

The Harman brothers successfully relocated Mr Munch whilst the others ceased trading.

This weeks photos include a look at the land where Jacksons Garage stood and the old bus station.

The demolition work also attracted many viewers eager to see what was happening to their town.

Basingstoke Memories page members often recall the slope leading to the bus station with shops such as Tandy, the Oven Door bakery and Harlequin Record Shops being among the many favourites from the seventies and eighties. The spiral staircase leading to the car park is also mentioned, but for the dubious smell it emanated

The Goat and Barge, later the Nightjar is also remembered fondly for its unique barge shaped bar.

It was often featured on a town centre pub crawl including the Bass House and ending in Martine’s Nightclub.

Which era of the Market Square area did you grow up with? What are your memories?

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