SAFETY issues have been raised for a resident who was pulled unconscious from a house fire.

As previously reported in the Gazette a 60-year-old man was pulled from a bungalow fire in Cleaver Road on October 11.

Because of the fire, the property was boarded up and an investigation into the cause of the fire was launched.

However, now the resident has been seen returning to the property sitting in the garden drinking beer.

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Neighbours have raised concerns for his safety saying, “if he gets back in the house something much worse could happen.”

Harold Wood, who lives in Cleaver Road, said: “The house has been boarded up since the fire, and the gentleman who lives there has been sat in the garden with his friends drinking beer.

“He hasn’t caused any problems, but I am concerned if he gets too drunk and gets back into the house.

“Who knows what could happen, there could be another fire, or he could seriously injury himself.”

Mr Wood said he contacted the police, who are leading the investigation into the fire, and was told that because the man hadn’t entered the property there wasn’t “much they could do.”

The Cleaver Road resident said he also contacted Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to enquire about the safeguarding of the man but was told it was a police issue.

Hampshire Constabulary have been contacted for a comment.