OBJECTORS to plans to build a new supermarket in Tadley believe they are having their words “twisted” so the application is forced through.

As previously reported in the Gazette, Lidl has submitted a planning application to West Berkshire Council to construct a new store on land at Ravenswing Farm adjoining Aldermaston Road and Silchester Road, in Tadley.

The supermarket chain held a consultation where letters were sent out to resident in the area asking whether they supported or objected to the plans.

However, residents have said that when they have responded to the consultation negatively, they have received a letter saying, “thank you for supporting the application.”

Michael Le Flufy, of Charter Alley, couldn’t believe how the company had “twisted” his view.

“I was absolutely livid when the letter came through the door,” said the 72-year-old.

“They were thanking me for my ‘positive’ views, when I am very much objected too the plans.

“If this is the case for many other people who objected to the plans, then when they present their case to West Berkshire Council it looks like people are in favour of the application, when there are many who are.

“It’s just fraudulent.”

Mr Le Flufy, said he knows it is not just him, adding: “A close friend and I were talking, and I broached the subject and he already knew what I was going to say.

“I couldn’t believe that this being company was being so dismissive.”

On the planning portal on the district council’s website there have been 96 comments made, with 10 of those objecting to the plans and the others in support of it.

The proposed development comprises of the construction of a new Lidl food store including a customer car park and delivery bay to allow for the delivery of goods to the store.

However, the proposal would impact the use of the Saunders Field site, which is the home to the Tadley Treacle Fair, organised by the Loddon Valley Lions Club.

This has raised concerns among residents and the community group.

As part of the application, the proposed car park will cater for 127 cars and two motorcycles, something Mr Le Flufy who believes the plans would cause major traffic issues.

The 72-year-old is urging those who rejected during the consultation period do write to West Berkshire Council as well, so their views are heard.

Lidl has been contacted for a comment.

For more information on the plans or to comment on them visit publicaccess.westberks.gov.uk/online-applications and search 19/01063/COMIND.