THE Extinction Rebellion mob are protesting in this country, which is one of the cleanest countries in the world, because they are worried about pollution. 

Would it not make much more sense, instead of climbing onto tube trains, to protest in a much more sensible manner?

China and India produce endless amounts of pollution and produce cheap white goods and other products that we in the west buy by the boatload. Not only that, most of those goods are produced with what we call built in obsolescence.

In other words they could make stuff that would last a lifetime, but they don't because that would cause the sale of such goods to sharply decrease. So, would it not make much more sense, if you are worried about pollution, to protest about us buying all this cheap stuff from pollution producing countries, when we could be making stuff that lasts longer and thereby produces less pollution?

Living as we do in a consumer society cannot continue for much longer. The stuff we buy from places like China and India may be cheap but ask yourselves this. Is it really cheaper in the long run? 

What we need is for Britain to produce things like fridges, washing machines, driers and so on that lasts for decades and helps to save the planet, and then we could boycott that endless supply of pollution producing rubbish from half a world away. So, get off the roof of that tube train and start being realistic.

Brian Simmonds, Hatch Warren

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