On Monday 7th October, Brighton Hill Community School hosted an extremely successful opening evening. The visitors were making ‘so many positive comments’ within every faculty that they visited, along with mentioning how ‘well put together’ the school was. Every student and staff member involved with the event were all so positive, which really summed up the whole aura of the school’s environment on a day to day basis. The night included food (made by the highly praised cooking staff), tours of the landscape of the school (lead by year 10 and 11 students) and a highly anticipated talk by the head teacher Mr Edwards. The amount of visitors on the evening was in very high numbers, some saying that ‘this school is always crowded on opening evenings’ which is taken as a highly appreciated compliment. At Brighton Hill Community School, opening evenings are massively important, as it encourages those looking to attend secondary school the following year, to take our school into consideration. As the numbers will show from the influx of year 7 students at the beginning of this academic year, BHCS is definitely on the way to the top, and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

By Paige Hems-Smith