OVER the years there have been numerous adaptations of Charlotte Bronte’s feminist classic Jane Eyre.

Whether it be for the screen or stage, the story is one which has been told in many forms.

For Blackeyed Theatre’s take on the story it was almost a peeled back version, but nonetheless as enjoyable.

With a cast totalling five members, the actors switched personas without any confusion. Whether it is Camilla Simson swapping from the up front Mrs Fairfax to the fun loving Mary Rivers to Elanor Toms adorable Adele changing to the snobby Blanche Ingram, it didn’t take the audience out of the experience.

Our narrator at the Haymarket, Miss Eyre, played by Kelsey Short, is confident and shy all in the same movement.

As the lead Short does exactly what you want her to do, your eye is fixed on her throughout as the supporting cast flow around her changing the set, playing music and moving the story along.

Ben Warwick plays Bronte’s classic macho man Edward Rochester with panache and just the right amount of swagger. Warwick and Short make a believable and natural romantic duo.

The use of music throughout the play is a clever addition as it is not a background addition, it is at the forefront of the stage, with the cast using the music to move the narrative along.

It is also the minimal stage probs which really help create a bigger world, in particular when Jane is being given the tour of Thornfield Hall, where chairs and benches are used to create its grand rooms and corridors.

But the star of the show is Short, she is shy and retiring when it is needed, confident and brash when called upon and passionate when she is driven, the actress truly embodies the spirit of Jane Eyre and tells her story in such a compelling way.

This is a refreshing and honest adaptation of a classic tale of which the famous novelist would most definitely approve.

Jane Eyre has one more performance at the Haymarket tonight, for more information and tickets visit anvilarts.org.uk/whats-on/event/jane-eyre.