WHAT started as a project after graduating university has now been transformed into a children’s book.

Katie Eggington, graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2012 with a BA Textiles degree and started her own business making handwoven teddy bears.

One of the Rooksdown resident’s bears, Cedric, was displayed at the V&A museum in London after the 31-year-old appeared on the BBC program Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution.

As a result, a children’s author got in touch with Katie and Cedric’s life took on a whole new persona.

Katie told the Gazette: “The author saw the programme and got in touch and asked would it be ok to write a story about Cedric and it just went from there.”

The book written by Lucia Wilson, is called the Adventures of Cedric the Bear, the story is about Cedric’s time at the V&A.

Cedric is the centre of attention when a young man called Troy decides to bear-nap Cedric, and things take an alarming turn.

When asked what the process of brining Cedric to life has been like Katie said: “Its been quite interesting, when I create these bears, they are all very different because they are handmade.

“So even when I am hand weaving them, they almost take on their own personalities.”

The idea of Katie’s bears started as a gift for a loved one.

She added: “It was coming up to my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday and I was thinking of things to make for her.

“I had started to make things to start the business, so I thought I’d make one for her birthday and it has gone from there.”

Now the mother-of-two is set to see her creation have a new life in the print from with the book being printed on Sunday.

Asked what she sees for the future life of Cedric, Katie added: “I hope we can sell some Cedric’s and make him a star.”