A NEW travellers site could be built somewhere in Hart.

A development planning document is being drawn-up by Hart District Council, and a call for sites has been launched.

The document aims to identify potential locations for the new site, whilst people who know of suitable sites are being urged to promote them with the council.

Hart District Council say that this is part of a government obligation to find sufficient land for the needs of travellers.

Daryl Phillips, joint chief executive at Hart District Council, said: “The Government requires all councils to find sufficient land to meet the needs of travellers.

“This means that we must find sites which are suitable for travellers.

“To meet this obligation Hart District Council is currently preparing a Traveller Development Plan Document. This will be part of the Local Plan for Hart.

“The call for sites is being undertaken to identify site options to meet needs.

“Needs are being identified through a Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) that is currently underway. A call for sites is routine practice and part of the initial stages of plan-making.”

The call for sites closes on Monday, December 16, with sites needing a map included showing the site.

Statistics from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in January showed that there were 98 caravans in Hart, 66 of which were private with permanent planning permission.

It comes after the most recent GTAA in 2016 found that there was a net surplus of five sites in Hart over the 15-year period.

However, the council were told to do a new GTAA when their Local Plan went to examination last year, as their need was greater than anticipated.