ON SEPTEMBER 25, cake craze descended on Bishop Challoner Catholic School. It was the day of the Great Challoner European Bake-Off.

Seven judges, led by Mr Wright (headteacher) judged the cakes, and Dylan Samm, year 9, was crowned the winner.

He baked a Chocolate Valentine’s Day cake, inspired by the Black Forest Gateau. We interviewed Dylan, as well as Mr Crook, the head of the Challoner languages department, who organised the event. The event was held to celebrate the European day of Languages


BCSN: Why is it important to learn a new language?

MR CROOK: Learning a language is life changing for so many reasons.

1) Communication. Learning a language helps you communicate better with others.

2) Learning a language makes you smarter

3) Learning a language opens your mind and opens opportunities for travel and jobs. It is also satisfying and fun, and most of all, HEALTHY for you!

BCSN: When did you first learn a new language?

MR CROOK: At school I did French and German and later taught myself Italian.

BCSN: Did you enjoy the bake-off, and will you do it again next year?

MR CROOK: It was a good, fun experience. Everyone enjoyed watching and eating the cakes. It also raised the profile of the European Day of Languages. We will definitely do it next year, hopefully with even more people entering!


BCSN: What cake did you make?

Dylan: I made a chocolate cake, which was Valentine’s Day themed.

BCSN: What was your reaction when you found out you won?

Dylan: I was very excited and happy to find out I had won.

BCSN: What is your prize?

Dylan: I do not know yet but I am excited to find out!

BCSN: Could you tell us more about the cake?

Dylan: It was covered with chocolate ganache and cherries.

BCSN: Do you see yourself competing in the real Bake-Off?

Dylan: Maybe!