A COUNCILLOR has expressed concerns about a growing number of rat infestations in Winklebury.

Cllr Ruth Cooper, who represents the ward, said over recent weeks she has received a number of calls about problems with rodents.

“It seems to be a growing issue with rat infestations in both gardens but more disturbingly invading houses, getting into lofts, floor boards, cupboards and toilets,” she posted to Winklebury's community page on Facebook.

The councillor urged residents to inform her of any issues so she could raise them with Environmental Health.

The message prompted scores of replies from Winklebury residents.

One said: “We have them in Warwick Road and in the lofts.”

Another added: “They have been at Pembroke Road and Tiverton Road too. Also have seen them run into fences by the junior school.”

For some, the news brought back bad memories. One woman wrote: “I hope we never see another again. We were infested when we first moved into Winklebury in 2015. We nearly up and resold in weeks.”

While another added: “Our neighbour had rats a while back. They came through from next door.”