BURGLARIES are described as being a 'major' issue for areas Popley and Oakridge at the moment. 

In a neighbourhood police bulletin, PCSO Brad Hurt said both areas of Basingstoke had been reoccurring locations for burglaries.

"I would adivse that all doors and windows are closed and locked when occupants are out at night time.

"I would also advise that all outbuildings, garages and sheds are locked at all times," he wrote. 

There were 22 recorded burglaries in Popley and Oakridge in August, up by 58% from the previous month of July where 14 incidents were reported.

In August 2018, 19 burglaries were reported.

As well as houses, in recent months thieves have also targetted churches with three places of worships hit in as many days.

A safe containing hundreds of pounds of charity donations, silverware, and marriage certificates was stolen from St Gabriel's in Popley back in June.

While lead was stripped off the roof at another church a month later

In PCSO Burt's report however, he noted that the theft of motor vehicles has improved though it is 'still happening'. 

He advised: "Could we all make sure that there are no valuables left in the car at any times and ensure that cars are locked, people that are stealing from cars are trying door handles to gain entry, so it is important that you check your car to ensure that it is locked securely."


Last month, 37 incidents of vehicle crime were recorded in Popley and Oakridge - an increase of 37% from August 2018 where 30 incidents were logged. 

He added: "It’s getting towards the time of year where there is an increase im pickpocketing, when outside please ensure that all purses and wallets are secure and if they are kept in a handbag please ensure that they are zipped up."

The police and community support officer said he met councillors on Friday to discuss drug issues and the general wellbeing of residents in Oakridge. 

"I can say that we have come up with some good ideas to try and make people feel safer and we are working to get these ideas made into reality," he said. 

Last night, PCSO Brad Hurt was joined by another officer on an active patrol of Oakridge and Popley. 

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