PARLIAMENT declared a climate emergency in May, but what do local MPs’ voting records indicate about their commitment to the issue?

The Guardian newspaper has compiled a climate ranking to show readers their MP’s record on 16 indicative climate votes between 2008 and 2019.

These votes were on topics such as forcing landlords to make their properties more efficient, hitter a greater decarbonisation target and expanding Heathrow airport.

Due to the party whip system where members of parliament are pressured into towing the party line, these results aren’t necessarily an accurate account of their green credentials.

However it does allow constituents to see where how their public representatives have voted on behalf of them on the issue.

Kit Malthouse, MP for North West Hampshire which covers the likes of Andover, Whitchurch and beyond, was scored zero per cent.

This is the lowest score possible.

Ranil Jayawardena, MP for North East Hampshire, shared the same score of zero but he has only been present for six votes.

Basingstoke’s MP Maria Miller faired much better with a climate score of 21 per cent.

Mr Jayawardena and Mrs Miller have been contacted for comment.

Mr Malthouse said: “The UK is leading the world on environmental policy and I am incredibly proud to be part of a government that has cut emissions faster than any other G7 nation, boosted renewables to 37 per cent of our energy supply, created 400,000 low carbon jobs and is phasing out coal power entirely – we’ve had 1,500 coal free hours already this year!

"As housing minister I worked to make homes more energy efficient while overseeing planning guidance designed to encourage sustainability and promote integration between the natural and built environments, protecting and enhancing our biodiversity.”