THE Basingstoke Conservative group could potentially lose voting control of the borough council depending on the outcome of a by-election.

As previously reported in the Gazette, when Cllr Terri Reid stepped away from her political party amidst frustrations with the administration, it meant that the Conservatives no longer have a voting majority on the borough council, holding 30 of the available 60 seats.

After former councillor and Conservative member Venetia Rowland, vacated her seat in the ward of Bramley and Sherfield, it has put the balance of the borough council’s make up in the air.

With the polls in the by-election closing at 10pm today (October 10) depending on the outcome this could mean the swing of power could change.

There are three candidates standing for election in the ward of Bramley and Sherifield, one representing the Tory’s and two independent councillors.

The outcome of the by-election will be announced tomorrow, with a full report on the Gazette website.