A BASINGSTOKE musician is releasing an EP inspired by a break-up and his subsequent nervous breakdown.

Daniel Robertson recorded and produced the selection of songs himself over the summer.

Titled ‘Jackie’, he took inspiration from a nickname he had for an ex-partner.

“I didn’t want to say anything rude or anything inappropriate but I also wanted it to be consistent with the theme of the EP,” Daniel told the Gazette.

“The EP explores feelings of loss and rejection, but not in a way that is angry at the partner but in a way that is mournful of the loss.”

The 22-year-old wanted the EP to reflect his music taste, but also was catchy.

“I would say it’s got the guitar tones similar to Radiohead, quite atmospheric, but I tried to go for the catchiness of something akin to Elliott Smith, quite personal and intimate but still that’ll catch your ear and you’re going to be humming it by the end of the track hopefully.

“I would say it’s quite similar but I listen to music I’d say is a lot slower in tempo. But for the EP, I wanted to make something with a bit more energy to it, especially for the title track, I wanted it to be not uplifting, but somewhat powerful.

Daniel says that his nervous breakdown, was, in an ironic sense, “the highlight of my year”.

“It’s very strange. It feels like a completely different person. I listen to it back and I can no longer relate to it, it was like a moment of time that is completely different to how I am now as a person.

“In a really great way it’s like I’m looking back at my old self, and looking at the way the music allowed me to change and how much better I feel now because of that process.”

You can listen to Daniel’s lead single ‘Crazy Love’ at: https://soundcloud.com/daniel-robertson-975886839/crazy-love-60/s-lKJvv