PEOPLE in Basingstoke have rallied round to support a man who had his mobility scooter stolen.

In a post on social media, it described a “gentleman with severe walking difficulties” who had to walk more than an hour to the Onestop, in Brighton Hill to get some food after his mobility scooter was stolen.

It is believed that the scooter was taken outside the Asda store in Brighton Hill on Saturday afternoon.

As a result, a JustGiving page has been set up by Emmanuelle Sangster in a bid to get the man a new scooter.

In a post on the page it read: “We're worried the mobility scooter won't be found, and if it is, what condition it would be in.

“This could happen to any of us, or any of our family. I know I would be distraught if this happened to one of mine.

“Please help us raise some funds to support this man who has been through a lot. Today, this was just to get some food.

“Please- let's show him what Basingstoke is really about- we won't let the thieves and bullies win. All funds raised will go in direct support to helping this man potentially get a new scooter or repair it if it is found.”

The fundraising effort seeks to collect £300 to help the man.

Residents have taken to social media in a bid to reunite the man with is scooter or help raise money for a new one.

Genese Savage posted on Facebook: “I love the fact community in Basingstoke still exists even though it seems sometimes people don't care and have no time for vulnerable people, you guys rock.”

To support the cause visit