The first year students from sport, health and social care, performing arts and media pushed themselves physically and mentally on a weekend of activities based at Watermouth Cove in Devon.

They completed a range of challenges including a Treasure Hunt, Extreme group Paddle Boarding, Coasteering (which included diving under the water and resurfacing in a cave) while some of the braver students also threw themselves off a 30 foot drop into the sea! They spent Sunday morning Surfing at Woolacombe, where a large number of students managed to master standing up in the roaring surf.

Students were asked to use their brains and brawn while completing an Adventure assault course, where they had to think through the challenges before attempting them.

The stand up paddle boarding developed the students team building skills as part of a basketball style game, but did see some underhand tactics.

Many of the young adults were nervous about spending the weekend away with people they had only recently met. By the end of the trip many had formed firm new friendships which will help them as they progress through college and eventually to higher education and the workplace.