THE Hurst’s new recycling initiative is an endeavour to become a more environmentally friendly school.

The newly founded ‘Environmental Club’ has introduced a massive recycling bin for plastics and cans.

It costs £238 a year for the bin to get properly separated and sorted and the environmental club are working hard to raise the money required.

Environmental Club, led by Mr Woolger, has members from years 7 through to 10 and offers many opportunities to a wide range of students.

So far the students have helped introduce bottle-bins and have made bat-boxes for both the school and Green Acres, a nearby landscape gardener. In addition they wish to continue the great work they have been doing and have many exciting plans for the future.

When Mr Woolger started the club he planned to make it so that the children were in charge.

He wanted the students to run the club and to make sure that the club would continue running no matter what.

He has worked hard to help make us an environmentally friendly school and when the bottle bins were first installed, he even took the bottles home with him to recycle from there.

The club stared this initiative because it was their belief that being environmentally friendly is an incredible quality to have.

They endeavour to continually improve the environment around the school over the coming years by developing the schools eco-system and continuing to recycle, and believe there is no better time to do it than now. Hannah Davies, James Baker, William Dodds, Claudia Jones.