TO TAKE take a leap, first you must jump, and that is exactly what BHCS have done. When the world is one short step from going forth to a global disaster -due to global warming- it’s inspiring to see so many young people trying to prevent upcoming effects.

After recent, televised stories/ reports about young Greta Thunberg and her thoughts displayed on climate change, Mr Alex Flowers (a current humanities teacher at Brighton Hill Community School) has launched forwards by giving pupils the chance to endeavour in becoming humanities ambassadors, of which their newest project will be a part of Eco Schools. Within Eco Schools, the overall objective is to observe/ make changes within schools for the better, inspired by the ‘seven step change process’. Each step completed will be rewarded by certificates congratulating the school on their latest changes, all of which contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. As Mr Flowers has recently stated on Twitter “50+ members of the #YellowArmy have come together and applied to be hums ambassadors”, which is a staggering amount of students ready and raring to make a change.

Staying within the topic of global warming and climate change, other teachers around the school have also taken this opportunity to enlighten the various year groups on this growing concern. Miss Woods (geography teacher) took on a slightly different perspective of climate change, talking through eco-towns and the many aspects that make such towns better for the environment. However, to test the class on their knowledge, afterwards she let them make their own eco-towns with Lego. It was a successful event of which left the students competing against each other to create the best eco-town and began to make the students question their choices when concerning their own carbon footprint. Some of the class even stated that they were going to attempt to alter their habits and make their difference to help the planet.

Overall, students are left in anticipation of the oncoming results for humanity ambassadors, willing to be a part of the change BHCS will soon be contributing to. We’ve seen this school rise the ranks, but now many are eager to see how this new challenge will turn out. Now, parents, students, and teachers, all a part of the #YellowArmy, combine in their efforts to make a difference and are encouraging others to do the same.

What started as a girl standing up for the youth of this generation, has now turned into a tidal wave of support to help our planet get back on its feet again.

Greta Thunberg: “The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say - we will never forgive you.”

By Abigail Tipler