POLICE have issued another warning to residents to be vigilant after a spate of break-ins across Basingstoke last week.

In some of the cases highlighted by Basingstoke Police, perpetrators stole money and a laptop, whilst in others they attempted to open car doors.

A male was seen checking car doors of two vehicles parked on Pyotts Copse, Old Basing at 5.20am on Thursday, whilst another vehicle in Old Basing had loose change stolen when it was broken into at some point between 5pm on Friday and 10am on Saturday on Almond Close.

No damage was caused to the vehicle.

Another vehicle on Robertson Way in the town centre was broken into between Wednesday and Sunday, but there were no details of anything taken.

Two further incidents were reported in Kempshott over the weekend.

A laptop was stolen from a Jaguar XF on Old Kempshott Lane between 9.30pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday.

That night, two males tried the handles of two vehicles on a driveway on Buttermere Drive between 3.30 and 4 on Saturday morning.

They were unsuccessful and made off.

This comes after the Gazette reported that a man was caught on CCTV attempting to break into cars on a driveway in Winklebury.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Basingstoke Police are warning residents to keep their vehicles locked and remove all valuables out after a series of incidents were cars were targeted.

"Whether you’re parked at home or elsewhere, follow the below advice to keep your vehicle and your valuables secure:

"Always lock your vehicle. Even if you’re just popping back into the house or going to pay for fuel.

"Don’t leave anything valuable in your vehicles. Your mobile phone, coins, sunglasses and other items that can earn quick cash are irresistible to an opportunistic thief. Wallets, bags, purses, credit cards should never be left in an unattended vehicle

"Leave your glove box open to show it’s empty.

"Hide electrical items and leave no clues. Leaving sat nav mounts, suction cup marks on windows or cables in view suggests to a thief there’s a sat nav, mobile phone or other device in your car. You may have taken the device out but if they see other clues, that won’t stop them breaking in to check.

"Vans are often targeted for tools. If you have to leave tools in a van overnight, mark them clearly with your name using paint pens and seal with a laquer spray. This makes them less desirable and difficult to sell on. Take photos of items of value, make a note of serial numbers and consider registering them online at a property register like Immobilise.

"Wherever possible, empty your van of all valuables. Leave a sign saying ‘all valuables are emptied out overnight'."

Has something like this happened to you? Get in touch by emailing newsdesk@basingstokegazette.co.uk or calling 01256 337444.