AFTER a long six week summer break, the students of Testbourne Community School came back to a new set of facilities.

In the PE department, over the span of the summer holidays, the changing rooms had been refurbished to allow a facility that the students will be comfortable in. With donations from the PTFA, the new changing rooms have helped make the environment of the PE department improved and enjoyable.

This has also created a more positive environment for those who wouldn’t class PE as their favourite subject. Not only will the change benefit the school community, it will also benefit the wider local community who use these facilities in the summer months when going to the pool.

PE teacher, Miss Parry, said that “The new changing rooms are immaculate. They look professional and clean which provides the students a positive environment to change for their PE lessons”. We also asked her how do you think the changing rooms have contributed to school life in the PE environment to which she replied : “The new PE changing rooms meant we had to alter the routines around getting changed for PE, specifically because we want these changing rooms to stay in the amazing condition they are in at the moment. It has allowed the PE department to feel proud of their facilities and hopefully the students feel the same way! It will also contribute to the wider community who use the changing facilities after school hours.”

All in all, this addition to the range of the school facilities at Testbourne Community School has had a positive impact on school life and there are more additions to be added next summer, with the phase 2 construction in the changing rooms.