MPs Maria Miller and Nick Gibb came to visit Ashwood because they have been impressed with the progress the school has made in the last few years, particularly since we became part of Catch22. Maria Miller wanted to show Nick Gibb first-hand how good Ashwood is at helping pupils in Basingstoke who are in alternative provision.

The visit, which took place on Thursday 19th September, started with a meeting with our school correspondents before the MPs were taken on a tour around the school where they saw lessons in progress and met students at break time. Nick Gibb was impressed by the nurturing nature of the school and how we are like a 'family'.

When he was asked what he would like to see Nick Gibb said, 'I would like to meet some of the other students and make sure that the standard of education you are receiving is of a high standard. I'm also interested in seeing how well all the pupils and students are developing their reading skills and writing ability, their general knowledge and seeing how well they are being educated because that's why they're here'.

Nick Gibb and Maria Miller were more than happy to help us as a school in the future and said they are going to come back and visit us again.