Upon the recent shift in status of Brighton Hill Community School, Headteacher Mr Chris Edwards seems to be bringing about the changing of times.

What used to be known as the yellow bellies of Brighton Hill have now evolved into the #YellowArmy, to create a true sense of belonging and pride within the community.

Within this altercation the school has reformed, reworking the students to the very core of the school’s progression and setting new boundaries.

As Mr Edwards says, “The students of the school can set the world alight” and one of the school’s pupils, Olivia Pennington, responded to that with a very positive “We intend to”. It just goes to show the dedication of the students within the #YellowArmy. After coming back from this year’s six-week holiday, all members of BHCS were surprised to find a change to our logo and slogan.

In seeing this, three members of the BHCS Student Newspaper took it upon themselves to find out why this change had been done, meeting with Mr Edwards to survey the changes and his opinions on the situation.

Several questions were asked regarding the change in logo which Mr Edwards responded to in an optimistic manner, explaining how he felt like the old logo was dated and needed to be renewed, as well as the personal opinions he expressed towards the logo design.

In addition to these, he continued on to explaining how they felt that if the logo was changed then the slogan must be too; this being the perfect place to show the schools ambitions for the students to do the best they can, “making success inevitable”.

This leads us to what brought Mr Edwards toward Brighton Hill because he stated that it was his ambition to become a head teacher, how the students reacted to showing him around even before he had the job and of course the iconic yellow shirts.

Despite not knowing the origins of these exemplary choices for the uniform, however, he has displayed his love for them and how he is proud that it makes his #YellowArmy one of a kind.

Mr Edwards is well loved throughout the school and community and his presence at BHCS is well met. Finally, as many of the students and parents are wondering, what will come next to this school’s rise from the ashes?

By Abigail Tipler