A ROMANCE which started with a chance meeting at a wedding has lasted 60 years with the couple marking their own milestone anniversary.

Charlie and Greta Redford met celebrating a friend’s marriage where at the time 23-year-old Charlie had just finished serving in the Navy.

He was invited to the wedding by the groom but didn’t really know anyone else at the event.

“She felt sorry for me,” the now 86-year-old jokes about their first meeting.

Greta added: “I was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding and I could see he was on his own so I thought I would strike up a conversation.

“We walked back to the train station because he was living in Horsham at the time and asked if he could see me again and it went from there.”

The pair bonded over their love of motorcycles with Charlie taking Greta out on his bike.

“I just love the speed,” Greta said.

The South Ham residents married on September 26, 1959, at All Saints Church, Southern Road.

The place holds special significance for Greta as it is where her parents married and she was christened.

Greta added: “It was a lovely day; I just remember it being really hot and it was a beautiful day to get married.”

After the pair got married Charlie worked as a plumber and Greta worked for Eli Lily, and it was again their love for motorcycles that they bonded over, event travelling to the Isle of Man to watch the world-famous TT races.

However, their need for speed had to hit the breaks when the couple had their two children David and Andrew.

After having the children, the couple’s have enjoyed a number of cruises.

When asked what they believe the key to a happy marriage is Charlie added: “Patience. There is a lot of compromise.”

To celebrate, the occasion the couple are having a party with friends and family.