THERE will be major disruption on the rail network this weekend.

All lines between Basingstoke and Brookwood, near Farnborough, will be closed on Saturday to allow for track maintenance and safety inspections.

This means that no trains will be able to run between Basingstoke and Woking, being replaced by bus services.

The main Waterloo to Weymouth services will instead be diverted via Guildford, Havant and Fareham - with hourly services between Basingstoke and Weymouth running instead.

All stopping services to Salisbury will be cancelled, as are the stopping services between Basingstoke and Waterloo.

Stopping services to Poole will also start at Basingstoke, whilst routes to Portsmouth and Exeter will also begin here.

On Sunday, track maintenance and safety inspections in the Woking area will result in further disruption.

Trains on the Waterloo to Weymouth lines will again be diverted via Guildford, Havant and Fareham, meaning commuters from Basingstoke will need to connect with the diverted trains at Southampton Central.

However, stopping services to Poole will start at Basingstoke and a revised service will be running between Basingstoke, Salisbury and Exeter.

Some of these trains will start at Reading.

Fast bus services will run between Basingstoke and Guildford.