MARIA Miller has criticised Labour's Jess Phillips for 'screaming' in the House of Commons during a heated debate. 

The Basingstoke MP was moved to comment on the conduct of Phillips after the MP for Birmingham Yardley asked an urgent question today about the Prime Minister's language. 

Last night, tempers flared when Boris Johnson used the term "surrender bill" to describe a law aimed to stop a no-deal Brexit.

He was also criticised for calling MPs "traitors" and dismissing one MP's argument with the term "humbug".

Phillips accused Johnson of using inflamatory language that was "invoking" war. 

But the town's MP disagreed. Addressing parliament in response, Miller said Phillips was 'the loudest person in the chamber' last night. 

In full, Phillips addressed the house to say: "The use of language yesterday and over the past few weeks such as the 'surrender bill', such as invoking the war, such as betrayal and treachery, it has clearly been tested, and workshopped and worked up and entirely designed to inflame hatred and division."

Responding, Miller said: “I’m afraid it was yesterday she was the person I could hear screaming the loudest from her bench.

“So noticeable was it, that she was actually having a conversation with one of the whips that was standing by the side of your chair Mr Speaker,” she continued.

“It was that that created a significant impression to people watching this debate of the hostility that the media reported.”

Responding to this on Twitter, Phillips said: “Maria Miller is right, I lose my temper in the chamber I have never suggested otherwise. I don't have a strategy that is specifically designed to create fear and division to help me keep my job. I am badly behaved I'm not a calculated machievelli.”

Miller responded again to the Tweet: “Jess’s completely unacceptable to try and write off the vitriol unleashed by some Labour MPs yesterday as raw emotion - it was calculated and highly political.”

Members of the public on Twitter responded, with one saying: “Trust me Jess, Maria Miller is never right… she’s my MP God help me.”

Another thought that Phillips was the one in the wrong: “Well said Maria Miller.”