A BASINGSTOKE family have made a heart-felt plea to help give their daughter the “best life we possibly can.”

Bella Pearcey and her twin Destiny were born at 25 weeks on January 3 this year.

However, both were born with a chronic lung disease, but Bella’s condition worsened despite being taken of incubation and being given a date to go home.

Further tests showed that she had Pulmonary Vein Stenosis (PVS), a disease in which the veins in her heart were shrinking and closing, stopping blood flow.

Following the diagnosis Bella had open heart surgery to help fix her veins with the operation taking more than eight hours to complete.

Despite the surgery Bella’s condition didn’t stabilise which has meant parents Vicky and Kevin Pearcy, from Winklebury have been in and out of hospital her whole life.

Posting to Facebook, Vicky wrote: “We have been turned down by three different hospitals as they believe it’s not in Bella’s interest and her condition will just get worse and worse to the point we will lose our little girl.”

Now the couple has set up a fundraising campaign to get Bella to Boston to undergo the potentially life changing procedure.

The couple are looking to raise £300,000 to help the nine-month-old have a better life.

Vicky added: “We want the best for our little girl and we will never give up on her.

“I hate she has this horrible disease and it will take her away from us she doesn’t deserve this no child does so please just get the word out there about this condition as it’s a very rare heart and lung condition that kills, any donations will be kept for Bella to give her the best off life we possibly can and if by some miracle we can get her to Boston then we will thank you all for your support.”

To help the Pearcy family visit facebook.com/donate/594693854393173.