STUDENTS from across the borough took part in climate change protests on Friday.

While there were no demonstrations in Basingstoke, youngsters travelled to Newbury, Reading and Winchester.

Members of St John’s Church, Hartley Wintney joined the Global Climate Strikes on Friday to call for urgent action on climate change.

Children and students walked out of school and college and gathered in nearby city centres to protest the failure of government to address the emergency.

The strikes are inspired by Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, who decided to bail out of school every Friday to make a stand.

Her question is simple: "Why should any young person be made to study for a future when no one is doing enough to save that future?"

There have been previous Friday school strikes this year, but this was the first school strike that invited adults to join the protest, and was coordinated internationally, with more than 2500 protests worldwide.

Jude, aged 12, who joined the demonstration in Reading with members of his family and St John’s Church in Hartley Wintney, said: "It was so inspiring seeing so many young people my age having the same passion for our world. It was a great atmosphere and I hope that it will encourage more

people to get involved in climate change activism. We need to remember that God has made us stewards of this earth to protect it."

Ten-year-old Lois said: "I worry that if climate change doesn’t stop I will have a very short life and that it will affect my future."

Michaela, 17, who marched with friends and family members in Winchester, said: "I want my legacy to be that I did not just stand by and do nothing to save our planet and secure a safe future."

People of all ages will be returning to the streets on October 7 for a period of non-violent direct action in central London organised by Extinction Rebellion.

St John’s member, Ruth Jarman, who was in Winchester with her daughter on Friday, is helping to organise a ‘Bridge of Faith’ where prayer for the earth’s future will be offered around the clock. People of all faiths and none are invited to take part.