A HIKER from Odiham has been found dead in a gorge in north-western Greece after a three-day search operation.

Robert Frome, 26 was found on the slopes of a ravine in the Pindus mountain range after a pilot brought in to help with the search found his body.

The paralegal assistant and nature enthusiast was reported missing on Monday by his father, Nicholas Frome, after he failed to answer his mobile phone.

The lead to the local police force to launch a search operation and discovered his body on Wednesday near Astraka Peak on Mount Tymfi, part of the Pindus mountain range.

Mr Frome, who is believed to be member of Odiham and Greywell cricket club was last seen leaving a hotel in Konista, saying he was going hiking in nearby Vikos National Park.

Emelia Goula, a spokesperson for Theodoros Chronopoulos said: “He [the piolt] managed to approach the body at distance of about 20 metres, verifying the victim with binauculars.

“Rescue crews could not reach the area because of the difficulty of the terrain. It would have put them at serious risk.”

After his body was discovered his parent Rosemary and Nicholas Frome released a statement of thanks to all the emergency services and volunteers who helped with the search.

The statement read: “Although we would not otherwise wish to make comment on our son Robert’s tragic accident, we do wish to express our profound gratitude and appreciation for the efforts made by the Greek police - especially the teams based in Ioannina and Konitsa - the various professional and volunteer rescue organisations and a great number of additional volunteers, first to find Robert, and then to bring him down from such a difficult place on the Astraka mountain.

“We have been completely overwhelmed and humbled by the commitment made to this operation in Greece.

“We also wish to express our thanks to the British Embassy in Athens and to our local police for their assistance and support during this ordeal.”

Once Mr Frome's body is retrieved, police said, an autopsy will be performed by a state coroner to establish the cause of his death.