THE deadline to register to vote in a Hook referendum is fast approaching.

Held on October 7, the referendum will ask residents whether they want to adopt the Hook neighbourhood plan, which has been developed by the Parish Council after consultation with residents.

If adopted, it will set out the wishes of the residents in the parish that will be used when Hart District Council determine planning applications.

Residents of the parish have until 5pm on September 19 to register to vote, whilst they have until 5pm on September 20 to register for a postal vote.

For proxy votes, people will have to register by 5pm on September 27.

Anne Atkins, Executive Officer at Hook Parish Council, said: “We are encouraging people to turn out on polling day, as a strong turnout will show Hart and prospective developers that the Plan has the support of local residents.”

If 50% or more of the votes are yes, then Hart District Council will formally adopt the plan.

Voting will take place between 7am and 10pm at Elizabeth Hall, whilst the plan can be viewed at