Warning: Images may be offensive to some readers 

READERS of the Gazette are fine with graffiti - so long as it is somewhere suitable and the quality is up to scratch.

That is the finding of a poll after it was reported chalk drawings that appeared on a public pathway had caused upset.

Thirty-six per cent of readers answered the question of whether they found graffiti to be offensive with the response: 'It depends on where it is and how good it is'. 

The second most common response with 27 per cent was: 'No not at all, people should be allowed to draw wherever they please.' 

While just behind, 26 per cent of readers said that they did find graffiti offensive.

The poll, which closed today, was answered by 213 readers. 

Basingstoke Gazette:

On Saturday, this newspaper reported how lewd drawings of stick men and parts of the male anatomy had prompted concern among parents.

Using pale blue chalk, the images had cropped up on a footpath near Westray Close Park in Oakridge

As of late afternoon today (Monday), the chalk drawings remained on the footpath. 

A parent who wished to remain anonymous told The Gazette: 'A lot of people would find this funny but this park is used by families and children.

'Personally as a mum myself, it’s just massively inappropriate and extremely juvenile.

'You can tell it’s not drawn by a smaller child. It just goes to show the mentality of some of the older kids that live in the area.'

Basingstoke Gazette:

The parent continued: 'It feels like a lot of kids are just let loose with no supervision and it’s a shame as this is a lovely park area but since it’s been built, the council has been forced to come out on several occasions to repair things.'

Speaking about crime more widely in the park, she added: 'Out of control youths have torn up the tarmac, wrecked the outdoor gym equipment and even went around damaging all the trees that were planted.'