COUNCILLORS have taken the decision to defer an application for a new retirement complex in Tadley.

On Wednesday evening, members of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s development control committee could not come to a decision on the plans to build a new 42 apartment complex in New Road.

As previously reported in the Gazette, the applicant had applied to construct a new retirement living complex along with a new retail store.

During the meeting councillors raised concerns about the retail facility being in such close proximity to Koala store in Herriard Way.

Tadley South ward councillor, Cllr Kerri Carruthers said: “As a councillor and longer resident the addition of 42 retirement apartments would be a welcome addition. But the reason I cannot support this application is the erection of a retail store.

“Tadley has been fortunate enough to keep this independent store and this is not by chance. Mr and Mrs Mendes have adapted and worked hard to make sure their store is part of the community and it would not be fair to for a valued member of the community to lose their lively hood.”

However, borough council officers advised councillor that they could not reject the application on a matter which did not directly impact on the planning process.

But, East Woodhay ward councillor, Cllr Clive Sanders said that he had concerns that the application had failed to meet the borough council’s affordable housing policy.

He added: “If the effect of putting a retail unit in is the reason that we are not achieving the affordable housing then we are essentially scoring an own goal.”

Cllr Sanders also questioned the accessibility for lorry delivers which would be going to the retail unit as being “not thought through.”

Councillor took the decision to defer the application on the basis that work needed to be done in regards to the affordable housing allocation and that the proposed parking requirements were “inadequate”.