THE post office in Popley is set to re-open after being closed for almost a year.

That's according to Dev Vyas, the owner, who runs it with his wife, Nayna.

The post office on Abbey Road was a central part of the community, with 1,400 residents signing a petition to bring it back.

Dev, who recently re-opened the Fast Fare Pharmacy, said that he was doing it for the community.

"I think hand on heart, I'm just doing this for the residents," he told the Gazette.

"We re-opened the pharmacy when it closed down which was also done as a favour for the residents."

Dev revealed his talks with Post Office went well about bringing it back to Abbey Road, and whilst a date is not yet known, but it is expected to be announced next week.

This comes after Jane and Paul Frankum, who are both councillors in Basingstoke, fought for its return.

Cllr Jane Frankum said: “It is so vital for residents. At the moment elderly people are being forced to travel into town with large amounts of money which isn’t safe.”