DIALOGUE has been opened between Parish Councils in Hook and Newnham about a boundary change.

Sue Turner, Clerk at Newnham Parish Council, attended the Hook Parish Council meeting last week to raise a request from the residents of St John’s Cottages on Newnham Road to move from Hook to Newnham.

The cottages are on the edge of the Newnham, and, according to Ms Turner, identify more so with Newnham and its community.

However, because of the historical division of the boundary, the cottages are part of Hook.

“The cottage owners are in this for the long term,” Ms Turner told the council.

“Will you please consider giving this your blessing in the long term?”

Councillors for Hook Parish immediately raised concerns that considering this boundary change would mean less council tax precept for the parish, as well as opening a wormhole in terms of other houses on that road.

It was also noted that the boundary is not just between parishes, but also the boundary between Basingstoke and Deane Borough and Hart District Councils.

However, after almost an hour of debate, the council decided that they would not be in a position to give an answer either way, as it was too early in the process.

Chairman Jane Worlock did note that with an upcoming boundary review regarding the Shapley Heath Garden Village might be an appropriate time to discuss this.